While a couple of big names have made their mark on the city centre eating out scene in recent weeks, an indie seems to have popped up virtually unnoticed.

Nacos might not have the backing of a Charles Wells Brewery or Middletons, but the little Portuguese restaurant does have its own USP - steak on the stone.

Nacos - Steak on the Stone Behind the opening in Geneva Street, on the site of what some might remember as Faith nightclub, is Anna Tavares, who before coming to Peterborough four years ago had owned a restaurant in her native Portugal for more than a decade. She had a relatively short-lived street food business on City Market a couple of years ago, with a long-term plan to return to the restaurant business. “I was approached about the premises a couple of months ago when it was about to become vacant and it ticked the right boxes,” she said. “I want to served well-cooked, quality food for anyone who enjoys eating out, not just Portuguese people,. Steak on the stone at Nacos “But, I didn’t want to just open another restaurant, I wanted to offer something different, and steak on the stone is unique in Peterborough.” Basically, a red hot lava stone is delivered to the table with a fresh, prime cut of sirloin steak, and the diner can watch it cook in front if them - choosing to eat in anything from rare to well done. “It is not done everywhere in Portugal, but it is popular,” added Anna. But, steak on the stone is just one element on what looks like a traditional Portuguese menu. There is plenty of seafood - prawns to octopus - codfish dishes, tapas and piri-piri chicken, which Anna is quick to distinguish from the well known chain. “We cook it the traditional way over charcoals,” she pointed out. “All of our dishes are very authentic. Lots of my English friends tell me they have been on holiday to Portugal and loved the food, so I tell them if they come to Nacos that is what they will get.”