Civil rights lawyers are crying foul this week over new rules that give police in Canada the power not only to test your breath for alcohol without reasonable cause while you're driving, but to do it in homes, bars, restaurants, stores or anywhere else you may have been within two hours of operating a vehicle.

I'm dead serious. Under the Canadian government's newly-implemented stricter impaired driving rules, cops could theoretically come to your house and demand that you take a breathalyzer test on the spot.

It doesn't matter if you cracked a bottle of wine after you got home; blowing over the legal limit within 120 minutes of being spotted in a car could lead to thousands of dollars in fines (if not a night in jail).

And if you refuse to take the test? You could be arrested, charged with a criminal offence, have your license suspended and still have to pay the mandatory minimum $2,000 fine, either way.

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