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This has been a rough summer for music festivals, especially in Canada. The abrupt cancellation of the Roxodus Festival north of Toronto. The cancellation of the Hair in the Fair festival in Welland, Ontario. No Field Trip this year in Toronto. Victoria’s Rifflandia isn’t happening. And Skookum in Vancouver is taking the year off…   … And now, Woodstock 50 Then we have the drama surrounding […]

Phoenix local hero and vinyl enthusiast Nate Adams broke a car window in last week’s triple-digit temperatures in order to save some records overheating in the backseat, according to multiple witnesses.   “I was out getting some ice cream and was shocked by what I saw. It was, like, 100 degrees,” said Adams after he […]

It’s now been nearly eight years since the Harry Potter films took their final bow. Now the idea is to create a Harry Potter television series for Warner Bros. future streaming service, according to the Canadian website We Got This Covered. Thanks to the ongoing Fantastic Beasts series, the Wizarding World has maintained a presence in […]

Time to throw out your passports!… Okay hold on, don’t do it just yet. Digital is the way of the future, and especially when it comes to travelling, the less baggage you have to carry with you, the better.   A new pilot program between Canada and the Netherlands is introducing a way to cross […]

A recent photo of sled dogs trekking through melted sea ice is being regarded as an impactful symbol of changing climate conditions. On June 13, Steffen M. Olsen, Danish climatologist exposed the ongoing effects of climate change, after snapping a startling photo as their team were travelling over melted sea ice sheet to retrieve weather […]

It’s Sir James Paul McCarney 77th Birthday. Let’s check some facts you may not know about him. 1. HIS FIRST INSTRUMENT WAS NOT A GUITAR His first trumpet was a gift from his dad for his 14th birthday. But Paul soon traded the trumpet for a guitar. You can’t sing while playing the trumpet. His […]

O alerta é dado pela associação ambientalista WWF, que analisou 50 estudos realizados sobre a ingestão humana de plásticos. O impacto que o plástico tem no ambiente torna-se cada vez mais claro.  E esta terça-feira, 11 de junho, toda esta teoria que já com consequências bem práticas, ganha uma nova força com a publicação de um […]

Justin Bieber inexplicably challenging Tom Cruise to an MMA fight . We’re still in the dark as to why Bieber thinks it’s a good idea to square off against Cruise who—it must be said—could kick his ass, despite being 31 years older. After all, the man already did 7 impossible missions. I wanna challenge Tom […]

Want some Spotify with your fries? Working with a Brazilian ad agency, McDonald’s is offering customers in Latin America a chance to tap into a couple of customer Spotify playlists. It works like this. Eat-in customers get a special tray liner featuring the outlines of some French fries. Match up the outlined shapes with real […]

A tecnologia 5G é das mais aguardadas e promete revolucionar a forma como vivemos: live streaming sem tempos de espera, mensagens livres de problemas, mesmo em zonas com grandes multidões, jogos online cada vez mas instantâneos e até com médicos robóticos, automatizados e capazes de realizarem cirurgias comandadas remotamente. De acordo com as empresas de […]