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Ziko Pereira

Artist and broadcast producer well known as Ziko, I started building my career back in Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul, the province from where I came originally and where started my passion for music. My taste for music began when I was at young age while listening music from my parent’s records and radio stations. It was a variety of range music with influence of well renowned Brazilian composers, singers and diverse of international songs. The important thing was music been playing around. My fitness in music started when I begin to play with my father’s instruments that he kept at home as turntable, mixer, preamps, speakers, besides the huge selections of records. I guess that his life as broadcast journalist influenced to find my way in my career. As DJ performer for over 30 years I have lived, traveled and worked in many cities in Brazil. My passion for music, been around energetic public, and viable pathway eventually brought me always opportunities to work with diverse public and segments within in music district.


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