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8 Grocery Stores That Deliver In Toronto So You Can Shop Right From Your Home Office

Written by on March 19, 2020

As shoppers are slowly but surely stocking up on necessities and produce, residents of Ontario are being asked to stay home and avoid large crowds. This hasn’t stopped some people from waiting in extremely long lines hoping to stock up on a lot of items. To make life much easier, though, and to ensure you can avoid those horrendous crowds, here’s a list of our favourite grocery stores that deliver in Toronto so you don’t have to leave the house.

In the past few days, the 6ix and southern Ontario has been dealing with a frenzy of empty shelves amid growing fears surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.


This week, things intensified as the Canadian government advised avoiding gatherings of over 50 people as cases have increased.

This, naturally, makes traditional grocery shopping pretty difficult to continue for the time being.

Never fear, though! We’re here to help by sharing some home-delivery grocery options that will let you do the weekly food shop from the comfort of your home office.



Why You Need It: If you love shopping at Longos, you can get your groceries delivered to you through Grocery Gateway. The minimum order is $50.



Why You Need It: Walmart offers a ton of products and produce on their site, everything from groceries to household goods, and you don’t have to leave your house to get it all.



Why You Need It: Loblaws offers same-day delivery as little as one hour in advance through Instacart. Though, there are delivery fees depending on the amount you buy and how fast you want it at your door.



Why You Need It: If you’ve never ordered from Metro’s online delivery service, there’s an offer for a free $40 bundle plus free delivery if you spend more than $50. Now seems a great time to take advantage.


Real Canadian Superstore

Why You Need It: Real Canadian Superstore also offers its delivery service through Instacart and you can get your products the same day.



Why You Need It: Another delivery service available through Instacart is popular store T&T. So if you’re craving some snacks, or need to stock up your fridge, you can do so online.



Why You Need It: If you live in the downtown area of Toronto, Sobeys offers its delivery service and you can even order sandwich platters!


Bulk Barn

Why You Need It: Want your snacks in huge amounts? Don’t we all? Well, Bulk Barn also has delivery through Instacart so you can get your favourite snacks in big quantities to last you as long as you need.



Source: Narcity