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After the warm long weekend, it seems like all of our hot weather prayers throughout the winter have finally been heard. But the weather this week may require a strong straighter and some rain gear. On Friday, the Weather Network is projecting that it will feel like 38 degrees, with a risk of thunderstorms.   The […]

Existe melhor noticia do que a tão esperada chegada do calor?  A Meteorologia Canada prevê que amanhã estejam cerca de 15ºC. É no Domingo que podemos celebrar aquela que parece a chegada do verão, com os termómetros a marcar os 20ºC, mas com sensação térmica de 28ºC. Se achar que ainda não está tempo para […]

Spring might be on its way, but it’s not here yet. Winter is still slamming the city in full force, and it’s about to dump a ton of snow on us. If all goes according to The Weather Network‘s forecast, it’s going to be a very snowy week, with up to 10 cm predicted for Wednedsay, and […]