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7 Toronto Halloween 2019 Costumes That Are So 6ix It Hurts

Written by on November 1, 2019

Coming up with a Halloween costume can be a long process. From initially deciding on a pretty clever yet hilarious attire to actually getting the stuff you need to stand out, it takes dedication. If you’re from Toronto or know a thing or two about the city, there are so many ideas you can take just from looking around you in the 6ix.

There’s no doubt that people love Toronto, and they love to show that off whenever they can, whatever the reason. It’s just a given fact at this point.

Here’s a list of seven Toronto-inspired outfits. Some might amuse you, some might upset you, and some might surprise you.

The Larry O’B T

There’s just so much love for the Raptors right now, it makes total sense that you’d see the NBA trophy walking around the streets on October 31!

Views Of The CN Tower

Someone, as we imagine happens every year, made themselves into the CN Tower. This person, though, added a touch of the 6ix God himself. Clearly, Drizzy’s Views album, released over three years ago now, is still pretty memorable.


No Delays On Line 1

It might not feel like it happens very often in real life, but it looks like all stations are clear on Line 1. For the night of October 31, at least.


Toronto Trash Panda

You’ve definitely seen them if you live in the city. These so-called trash pandas are pretty famous for, well, going through your trash. This raccoon costume is just too Toronto, it hurts.



There’s no doubt that the “Plant Guy” has left a strong impression on Torontonians since the championship parade. What’s not to love about this costume? We wonder if Kawhi himself still has the plant.


Toronto’s Very Own “Chair Girl”

Of course, we couldn’t leave this out. Not to be mistaken with the real Marcella Zoia, this costume seems to have won 2019. I’m sure this guy won’t make the same mistake she did. Hold onto that chair, buddy.


“I Hate Rubber Boots” Guy

If you haven’t heard of this guy before, then the costume probably won’t make too much sense. But Toronto knows him pretty well. This costume, in honour of the original “I Hate Rubber Boots” guy, is just too good.


Source: Narcity